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April has been an interesting month thus far. On one hand we are running to the finish of our first year in Seminary, whilst the little baby is going on to the last and final trimester. I (Amy) am now finding it hard to climb flights of stairs without panting and my hips are starting to ache from being too narrow for littlest Ji. Nonetheless, this is a month of God’s unfailing providence and never-ending surprises.

Here are the top stories, including a mold spores horror story if you’d like to read on –

Early on in the month, we got notice that Mya’s child had two confirmed cases of HFMD. God graciously spared us the ordeal, because it was the same two weeks Mya was kept at home due to a common case of flu. The fever was taking awhile to wane off due to the phlegm and infection, so we took turns to stay home with her. At first, we did it a little grudgingly because each of us had to miss quite a significant bulk of classes. But after we discovered the whole HFMD scare, we realised how God had protected Mya and us from this whole episode.

Another huge thanksgiving that we have is the discovery on the mold in Mya’s bedroom.

I know it’s a rather strange thing to say but hear me out. We were rather bewildered that Mya kept having random bouts of coughs and colds every two weeks or so and wanted to get to the bottom of the problem. Then, Jonathan discovered these greyish patches appearing on her walls. Initially, we were frightened and thought it was mildew! Unclean!

We arranged for a specialist to come and inspect the house and it turns out to be mold. She was such a kind and meticulous young lady. When she saw that we had a young toddler, she offered to do a thorough inspection of the whole house for us without any charge. Unfortunately, she found mold spores and even mold lice all over the place. The dining table, our oldest bookshelf, Mya’s book shelf, an old bed frame and the list explodes.

We are grateful though. It motivated us to declutter our entire home and disinfect every wood and leather surface we could find. Old boxes, outdated books, tattered shoes and more were viciously culled and tossed out within hours. Mya’s entire room was scrubbed down and furry toys were quarantined until further notice.

There was still a heavy burden on our minds. We were advised to get a fullscale re-installation of the air-conditioning insulation pipes as a leak in the tube was causing the widespread mould party. On top of that, we were going to require professional mould-busters to provide fumigation, disinfecting, wall treatment and a new coat of paint. This would cost us an amount we did not have.

Here’s the best part, just last week a friend and his wife had a conversation after getting to know about the above situation and offered to help us cover the cost of the operation! What? Why! How?
Jonathan and I were first struck with disbelief, then shock and followed by a huge tsunami of gratitude. How God could so quickly provide for our needs and how our dear friends could be so obedient to the prompting we have no idea. God completely exceeded our prayers and expectations, going ahead of us and solving the issue in a way we could never imagine or ask for.

All that we have left is awe.

We wanted to share this with you, our prayer warriors, because it is your prayers that have truly moved the gracious hand of God to provide for us like this! It is your prayers that have allowed our little growing family to experience such a miracle in our lives. While we are so grateful to our friends who provided the money for the restoration of Mya’s bedroom, we are also just as grateful for you who have been praying with and for us since this journey of seminary began.
So, for this month, will you simply praise God together with us for this amazing thing He has done.  We hope this testimony will encourage you as it has so immensely encouraged us!

Jonamy + Mya + Littlest Ji
April 2018

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